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LeadẄynn Institute of Service Science and Technology (LISST)

Fellows would also be eligible for being trained as Service Standards Assessor. This would open up options to professionals who are seeking a second career either due to business redundancy, layoff, voluntary retirement or age based mandatory retirement from employment. LeadẄynn proposes offering this in all the SMART Cities announced by the Government of India in Jan 2016. This could be in association with ABC or with a host Institution in a specific location or independently through a LeadẄynn ACCESS Point.

Centre For Excellence in Safety (COESAFE)

This is a Voluntary Program. It is based on local laws pertaining to Safety, Health and Environment. It is taught by a certified professional team. It draws upon the prescriptions of universally accepted programs like NEBOSH and OSHA but is not intended to comply with or meet their standards. The sole purpose of COESAFE is to help individuals and organizations meet safety goals.

Job Relevant Competencies

LeadẄynn’s methodology is based on the belief that ‘development sessions for participants should serve primarily as a map, an organizing mechanism, a sense-maker, a source of new ideas, and a learning system.’ To ensure relevance, we engage with the Unit/Functions Heads and Supervisors of participants to gather valuable inputs for our Instruction Design.

Human Resource

People with diverse academic background and work experience come into Service Delivery roles. Their responses to situations have a psychogenesis in operating style of their earlier roles. Service Delivery training therefore should attempt, in fair measure, to make participants understand the ‘structure’ of their thinking for understanding their ‘reactions and responses’ in service delivery situations.


LeadẄynn uses the Corporate Excellence in Service Science (CESS) framework in its consulting assignments. CESS attempts to bring together business enterprises and academic institutions in upgrading service delivery standards as well as provide opportunity for employees to acquire professional credentials.

Proficiency Certifications

Managers in real life navigate through several competing forces. The measure of an effective training program would be their effectiveness in assessing, diagnosing and evolving insights to manage the challenges in their real work situations.

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