LeadẄynn Methodology

LeadẄynn methodology of change and transformation is a journey. It passes pre-agreed milestones, makes its way through processes on the organizational landscape and delivers measurable impact in the areas agreed upon. It co designs interventions and works in partnership with the organization for execution.

LeadẄynn Methodology

A strategy is only as successful as its execution. Using time-tested and proven organization development methodologies, we address all facets of the business enterprise in our comprehensive Change and Transformation Model.

The Six C’s Model


At the heart of LeadẄynn is the Six C’s Model. This is our original (©Rajan Johri), and now widely admired methodology of designing and sustaining change and transformation. Developed over a decade ago and refined with the experience with several organizations, the Six C’s Model identifies and links six key elements. These are Context, Competency, Collaborativeness, Competitiveness, Change and Culture. These Cs are essential elements in any organization development intervention.