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Consulting Methodology

The LeadẄynn Organization Development Service is a facilitated approach to assisting clients.

The Six C’s Model

At the heart of LeadẄynn is the Six C’s Model. This is our original (©Rajan Johri), and now widely admired methodology of designing and sustaining Continuity, Change and Transformation. Developed over a decade ago and based on the experiences of over 60 major international organizations. The Six C’s Model® identifies and links six key elements essential to making your development initiatives strategically effective. These six key elements (from which our logo gets its shape) are:







The Six C’s Model® does not stop with the five elements, however, its ultimate strength lies in the way it allows the relationship between these core elements to be revealed and examined.
There are many such relationships. For example, between Competitiveness, Change and Culture; there are features in the work environment that prevent otherwise well-trained managers from performing well, or between Context and Collaboration, which raises the whole issue of corporate aims and personal commitment. The Six C’s Model® is a powerful and proven method of understanding, and thus changing effectively, the complex system that is the modern workplace.

The LeadẄynn’s methodology

The LeadẄynn’s Change Framework

Need for Change

  • To prepare for future
  • To outsmart competition

Process for Change

  • Accelerating and sustaining revenue engines
  • Fast pace development
  • Engagement with change across organization

Target for Change

  • Organizational
  • Individual

Medium for Change

  • Strategic
    • Information Technology for measuring impact of change
  • Operational
    • Transactional agility

LeadẄynn aims to be the first in offering service science program in India directly contributing to the talent pipeline for the ever expanding service industry.

India has many World Class academic institutions in the country but they either focus on basic research or cater to a highly specialized technology domain. This approach has not been effective. Large section of young population get education but are not employable as their skills and competencies are not employment oriented. The last report of the National Skill Development Corporation of India shows a yawning gap between supply and demand, primarily in Healthcare, Retail, Transportation and several Information Technology enabled services. LeadẄynn shall be open to all those desirous of pursuing interdisciplinary service education. However, as a socio-development policy of nation building, it shall encourage students from the underprivileged sections of society to improve their employability through programs.

Compliance with service standards is yet not stringent in India. In fact, there is widespread ignorance of such standards and the consequences of failures often lead to loss of business, market position, financial assets, health, human injury and even loss of life. LeadẄynn recommends adding to the mission of STAND UP...START UP by adding ...AND SERVE. This is essential for making India move up to world class standards in service. It is with this intent that LeadẄynn is exploring academic partnership with an academic institution of repute.

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