Consulting & Facilitating


The LeadẄynn organization development service is a facilitated approach to assisting clients.

LeadẄynn aims to be the first in offering service science based training and development programs in India. This would be a direct input into the talent pipeline for the ever expanding service industry.

India has a large number of academic institutions. Yet large number of young population is unemployable. Their skills and competencies are not employment oriented. Sectors like Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Information Technology, Telecom has chronic shortage of delivery oriented people.
LeadẄynn programs are aimed at enriching employability, encouraging entrepreneurship and upgrading service standards. Service failures lead to loss of business, market position, financial assets, health, human injury and even loss of life. LeadẄynn actively contributes to the mission of STAND UP and START UP by adding ...AND SERVE. It believes that India can move up to world class standards in service first and manufacturing later.

Servitize your business

All our workshops and trainings are tailor-made to your wishes. With your input we can create a session that best suits your needs in terms of content, structure, number of participants and timing.